How To Generate Guaranteed Appointments With Cold-Email

Uncategorized Dec 16, 2019

Cold-Email Marketing is often viewed as the modern-day door knocking. We 100% agree with this. Cold-Email Marketing if done correctly can yield your sales team a calendar jam-packed with sales appointments. . .

Here are some tips on how to do it right.

1.) Make sure you are using an email marketing tool or software that has a great deliverability rating. A clean & reputable reputation. This applies to your domain as well. 

2.) Metrics, make sure you are able to measure your metrics. Open rates, click-through, and reply rates. If you can't measure your results you will never know where your campaign is falling short or where you can improve. 

3.) Send Plain Text Emails- If you look in your promotions, social, or even spam box you will notice that a majority of the emails in there are "commercial" like emails, with nice pictures, HTML content, and templates. 

But look at where they are. . . NOT in your inbox. 

It's been proven that plain text emails outperform these types of emails all day!

4.) A clear call to action (CTA.) You have to make sure that your reader knows exactly what to do by the time they finish reading your email. Whether it be a CTA to get them on the phone, reply back, forward to someone else. . . Whatever it may be, just make sure they are told to do so. 

5.) Your list. We can't stress this enough. Proper list hygiene and validation is crucial!  This goes further than just using tools such as Never Bounce to validate emails. Proper Name/Title/Company formatting is key as well. 

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