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America's Back Office

PEO & HR Solutions

America's Back Office (ABO) is a turn-key HR solutions company. 

ABO reached out to Alpha Mail Media to help target businesses with a certain employee count in multiple industries.

After 2 months of working together here are the results.


416 Potential Prospects
72.7% Open Rate
37 Interested Prospects

House of Malcolm

Video Production & Creation Agency

House of Malcolm is a video production & creation agency specializing in creating engaging video content and productions. 

House of Malcolm reached out to Alpha Mail Media for help targeting businesses that were in need of video strategies and creation.


250 Potential Prospects
47.2% Open Rate
14 Interested Prospects


Digital Marketing Agency

SmartLeads is a digital marketing agency specializing in Facebook Advertising & Google PPC. 

SmartLeads reached out to Alpha Mail Media for help targeting solar energy companies who wanted to implement a social media marketing strategy.


350 Potential Prospects
66.8% Open Rate
28 Interested Prospects


Energy & Utilities Management

Enerfuge is an energy and utilities management company. Specializing in helping commercial property and business owners lower energy usage and utility cost. 

Enerfuge reached out to Alpha Mail Media to help target the facility directors and sustainability managers of large organizations.


1081 Potential Prospects
62.5% Open Rate
120 Interested Prospects

Pure Water Valve

Water Solution

Pure Water Valve is a water solutions company focusing on reducing and regulating water usage for businesses nationwide.

Pure Water Valve reached out to Alpha Mail Media wanting to develop a lead generation campaign targeting decision makers in major organizations for appointments.

Alpha Mail Media was able to generate 118 high quality leads and appointments for Pure Water Valve!

1596 Potential Prospects
62.5% Open Rate
118 Interested Prospects

Buscemi IT Solutions

IT Management / Digital Marketing Agency

Buscemi IT Solutions is a Digital Marketing Agency based out of Chicago, IL.

Buscemi IT Solutions reached out to Alpha Mail Media because they were interested in offering SEO Services to manufacturing companies.

Alpha Mail Media was able to generate over 40 high quality leads in the first month of their campaign.

1043 Potential Prospects
71.5% Open Rate
42 Interested Prospects


Video Production

Blend is a creative production company specializing in digital marketing & video production.

With an already robust portfolio ranging from Porsche to Lyft, Blend wanted to step into the law & real estate industries.

Working with Alpha Mail Media has opened the doors and opportunities for Blend to work with renowned law firms, and high producing real estate brokerages.

2,047 Potential Prospects
41% Open Rate
42 Interested Prospects

Perfect Presence

Software Development

Perfect Presence is a team of talented software engineers and developers. Having worked with NFL athletes & top performing real estate professionals, Perfect Presence takes what starts as a “blurred” idea, to an application that is ready to disrupt the market.

Perfect Presence reached out to Alpha Mail Media wanting to target and generate leads in the Travel & Casino industries to create mobile applications. Alpha Mail Media targeted CMO’s & CTO’s in these respective industries.

364 Potential Prospects
38.5% Open Rate
22 Interested Prospects

Saturn Freight


Saturn Freight Systems is a full service, quality transportation company specializing in making time-sensitive deliveries anywhere in the world. Offering several levels of service to meet specific cargo requirements and delivery schedules while providing superior service, and competitive rates

SFS reached out to Alpha Mail Media wanting to target consumer goods companies to offer their shipping services.

353 Potential Prospects
55.9% Open Rate
10 Interested Prospects


Private Jet Charters

JetSetter is a full service private charter concierge service. Working with high end consultants, coaches, and business owners.

Jetsetter worked with Alpha Mail Media to generate leads that were inquiring about flying private.

402 Potential Prospects
32.8% Open Rate
14 Interested Prospects


Video Production

AVOИИI focuses on creative development and production. They work closely with a variety of talented artists and their brands to help achieve their goals. Using the knowledge and guidance of their team and network, AVOИИI helps artists outperform in competitive, quickly-changing industries.

Working with Alpha Mail Media, AVOИИI was able to generate leads in various industries. Targeting high-end jewelry distributors, and automotive dealers.

646 Potential Prospects
46% Open Rate
22 Interested Prospects


Commercial Lighting

AcesLED is a lighting and energy solutions company, specializing in helping businesses to implement efficient and energy-saving lighting solutions.

AcesLED worked with Alpha Mail Media to target the Nevada and Utah area, in order to generate commercial leads. Alpha Mail Media reached out to Facility Directors & Property Owners.

512 Potential Prospects
40.6% Open Rate
14 Interested Prospects


Marketing Agency

Paradynamix works with growing brands from start to finish. With over a decade of experience, Paradynamix will have your back with data driven marketing, responsive website design, and SEO analysis.

Paradynamix reached out to Alpha Mail Media to target Solar & Construction companies, wanting to reach the decision makers to offer their services.

271 Potential Prospects
32% Open Rate
10 Interested Prospects


Personal Coaching

Hero Nation is a coaching group led by the one and only Wayne Salmans. Wayne started as a real estate agent and quickly rose to the top, and soon was featured in 30 under 30 by Real Estate Magazine.

Wayne Salmans specializes in helping Real Estate professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs who are wanting to live their most epic lives both in business and personal life.

Wayne worked with Alpha Mail Media to generate additional clients for one-on-one coaching.

602 Potential Prospects
32% Open Rate
13 Interested Prospects

Atenga Insights

Market Research

Atenga is a market research company, specializing in helping companies in the consumer software & consumer goods industries position their products at the most profitable and competitive price points in the market.

Atenga reached out to Alpha Mail Media wanting to increase lead generation and engage in conversation with CMO’s in start-ups to 5M revenue companies.

518 Potential Prospects
52% Open Rate
10 Interested Prospects

Fe Brand Films

Video Production

Fe Brand Films is a commercial production studio specializing in creating brand experience and awareness through video production & creative story telling.

Fe Brand Films reached out to Alpha Mail Media wanting to generate additional leads in the consumer packaged goods industry.

1,179 Potential Prospects
59.3% Open Rate
28 Interested Prospects



Consensus is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that accelerates B2B sales by fostering agreement between stakeholders in the buying group. The company’s demo automation tool leads to purchase decisions much faster than traditional sales methods.

Consensus reached out to Alpha Mail Media to promote their product so that they could help more sales and marketing teams to meet their quotas.

8891 Potential Prospects
40% Open Rate
64 Interested Prospects

First Mile Geo


First Mile Geo is a unified platform across the enterprise for collecting, visualizing, and collaborating over data in any language and without the tech team. It collects data through technology or pulls data from other sources into one place.

When First Mile Geo contacted Alpha Mail Media, the company was looking to optimize their lead generation process and wanted Alpha Mail Media to help them find more interested leads and set up more calls and meetings.

1,700 Potential Prospects
41% Open Rate
51 Interested Prospects



HeadChannel is a UK-based software company which specializes in developing bespoke web and mobile applications.

Premium services need premium presentation, which is why HeadChannel got in touch with Alpha Mail Media. We worked together to establish a partnership that focused on generating results while still maintaining a premium feel.


4641 Potential Prospects
30% Open Rate
101 Interested Prospects

Azra Solutions


Azra offers advanced technical solutions and guidance across every area of business, with particular specialisms in cloud solutions, application integration and other managed IT services.  

When they needed to target prospects from retail, real estate and telecoms in Melbourne and the surrounding area, they asked Alpha Mail Media to help out.

3,843 Potential Prospects
54% Open Rate
105 Interested Prospects



Saxons is an Australian company that provides professional IT services for businesses that want to take advantage of the latest technologies. They specialize in training facilities, IT training solutions and managed IT services.

When they approached Alpha Mail Media, they told us that their main objective was to target the financial sector in Melbourne.

826 Potential Prospects
57% Open Rate
30 Interested Prospects

Fifth Weapon

Video Production

Fifth Weapon is a video production and content strategy agency based out of the UK.

Fifth Weapon reached out to Alpha Mail Media to help target the Travel and Entertainment industry, in order to offer their video production services.


455 Potential Prospects
57.5% Open Rate
17 Interested Prospects

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